Original paper

Antimony-rich montbrayite ((Au,Sb)2Te3) from the Golden Mile, Western Australia, and its compositional implications

Shackleton, Jill M.; Spry, Paul G.


Montbrayite ((Au,Sb)2Te3), with up to 7.5 wt.% Sb, occurs in samples from the Golden Mile, Western Australia, and is the most Sb-rich montbrayite yet reported. Published compositional data of montbrayite combined with new data from the Golden Mile suggests that Sb and Bi substitute in both the Te and Au sites. For montbrayite from other localities, Ag likely substitutes into the Au site but it is not known in which site Pb substitutes. Bismuth, Ag, and Pb appear to stabilize montbrayite in much the same manner as does Sb. The presence of Ag in the Au site in addition to the complex substitution of Bi and Sb suggests a modification of the formula of montbrayite to (Au,Ag,Sb)2(Te,Sb,Bi)3 or, more likely, (Au,Ag,Sb,Bi)2 (Te,Sb,Bi)3.


montbrayiteformulagolden milewestern australia