Original paper

Topological and geometrical isomerism in minerals and inorganic compounds with laueitetype heteropolyhedral sheets

Krivovichev, Sergey V.


The concepts of topological and geometrical isomerism of heteropolyhedral structural units is discussed on the example of the group of minerals and synthetic compounds based upon laueite-type octahedral-tetrahedral sheets. There are two topological isomers of the laueite-type sheets that correspond to different black-and-white 2D graphs. Each of these isomers exists in two types of geometrical isomers that are different by the orientation of non-shared vertices of tetrahedra relative to the plane of the sheets. The geometrical isomers are distinguished by their orientation matrices of tetrahedra. The review and classification of 12 minerals and 13 synthetic compounds with laueite-type sheets is presented.


octahedral-tetrahedral unitlaueitepseudolaueitestewartitemetavauxitetopological isomerismgeometrical isomerismsheet structures