Original paper

Comments against the stratigraphic use of the term "Villafranchium"

Lüttig, Gerd


In the course of the activity of the Stratigraphic Commission of INQA - part of which is the endeavour to put the principles of classification in order - complaints have been raised about a number of terms. One of them is the expression "Villafranchian". This term should be eliminated from time-stratigraphic discussions. This proposal is explained in details. The expression cannot even be used as biostratigraphic or lithostratigraphic term. As the Villafranchian is a pure bio-litho-facies unit it is not logical to speak of a "Villafranchian Stratigraphy". An appeal is made, also on behalf of the Stratigraphic Commission, for a clarification of language and classification of Quaternary Stratigraphy.