Original paper

The German-Turkish lignite exploration in Turkey of the years 1965 to 1969 - Plan of operation and scientific, mainly stratigraphic results -

Alpan, Sadrettin; Lüttig, Gerd

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 1 Number 3 (1971), p. 11 - 18

5 references

published: May 15, 1971

DOI: 10.1127/nos/1/1971/11

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With reference to the energy-supplying raw materials the regional disparity and its geological origin condition that those responsible for the exploration on mineral resources carry out prospection in the individual countries of the world with very different aims. The following refers to Turkey: 1) The oil reserves cannot considerably be enlarged in quantity. Major natural gas occurrences are not known yet. 2) The substantial part of pit (hard) coal reserves is known, representing a factor within the economic budget. 3) An unlimited supply of autochthonous nuclear energy raw materials cannot be expected within a reasonable space of time. 4) The possibility of holding out energy valences by means of hydraulic power will be extended (see Keban Dam), is, however, not given in wide parts of the country; in other parts it is not extendable in an unlimited way under economically reasonable conditions. 5) Other energy-supplying raw materials can either not be taken into consideration or do not occur except the lignite (and some few peat occurrences which have not yet sufficiently been explored).


raw materialsnuclear energyoilautochthonousexplorationhydraulic powerKeban Dam