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First report of some Bajocian-Bathonian (Middle Jurassic) ammonoids and the age of the oldest sediments from Kachchh, W. India

Singh, C. S. P.; Jaitly, A. K.; Pandey, D. K.

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 11 Number 1 (1982), p. 37 - 40

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published: Jan 27, 1982

DOI: 10.1127/nos/11/1982/37

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Jurassic sedimentation in the classic region of Kachchh, W. India, was supposed to have commenced in Bathonian (M. Jurassic). This belief was based on indirect evidence since the pre-Macrocephalites bearing strata were devoid of any ammonoid. For the first time indisputable ammonoid evidence in support of ages of the pre-Callovian beds has been gathered. The various ammonoid genera collected from the Pachchham 'Island', Kachchh (Gujarat), besides the macrocephalitids from the Callovian strata, are Micromphalites Buckman, Gracilisphinctes Buckman and Leptosphinctes Buckman out of which the former two are of Bathonian and the last of Bajocian age. Evidently, the sedimentation in Kachhh started in Bajocian times.


Bathonianpre-Macrocephalitespre-CallovianKachchhW. India