Comments on "Neogene of Japan" by R. Tsuchi

Hornibrook, N. de B.

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 12 Number 1 (1983), p. 68 - 69

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published: May 2, 1983

DOI: 10.1127/nos/12/1983/68

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This handsomely produced book published on behalf of the IGCP-114 National Working Group of Japan, celebrates 6 years of highly meritorious co-ordinated work by biostratigraphers, geochemists and paleomagneticians. It is arranged in 7 sections: 1) Important Datum-planes of the Western Pacific Neogene (revised) with remarks on the Neogene Stages in Japan; 2) Neogene bio-events in the Japanese Islands; 3) Stratigraphic outlines of selected Neogene sequences; 4) Bio and chronostratigraphic correlations of Neogene sequences in the Japanese Islands; 5) Paleogeographic Map of the Japanese Islands during 16-15 Ma., the earliest middle Miocene; 6) Plates of selected index fossils; 7) Bibliography. The guiding philosophy of the Working Group is that evaluation of biostratigraphic datum levels of various kinds, integrated with the geomagnetic polarity scale where possible, and independently dated radiometrically, provides the best basis for constructing a time-stratigraphic framework for both regional and world-wide correlation of marine sedimentary rocks.


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