Original paper

Late Oligocene and Early Miocene calcareous nannoplankton (Remarks on French and Moroccan sections)

Martini, Erlend

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 18 Number 2 (1988), p. 75 - 80

18 references

published: Feb 15, 1988

DOI: 10.1127/nos/18/1988/75

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Basic papers dealing with the Upper Oligocene and Lower Miocene include those on the stratotypes of the Chattian (Anderson et al. 1971), the Aquitanian (Vigneaux & Marks 1971) and the Burdigalian (Vigneaux 1971). Additional data on the stratotype of the Chattian were published by Benedek (1975, dinoflagellates) and Martini & Müller (1975, nannoplankton). Investigations in the type areas of the Aquitanian and Burdigalian concerning the calcareous nannoplankton and planktonic foraminifera were published by Müller (1974) and Müller & Pujol (1979) indicating that nannoplankton zone NN 1 and foraminiferal zone N 4 are present in the type Aquitanian and zones NN 2 and N 5 in the type Burdigalian. In the Rhone valley detailed investigations on Burdigalian ostracodes (Carbonnel 1969) and on the Carry-le-Rouet section (Bull. B.R.G.M., 2. ser., sect. I, No. 4, 1972) concerning a large variety of topics were carried out. Samples from Southern Spain containing calcareous nannoplankton (Martini 1974) seem to indicate a region with a continuous sedimentation from the late Oligocene to the early Miocene, which later was confirmed by Gonzales-Donoso & Molina (1979) on basis of planktonic foraminifera.


Upper OligoceneChattianAquitaniandinoflagellatesBurdigaliancalcareous nannoplanktonRhone valley