Original paper

Jurassic Taxa Ranges and Correlation Charts for the Circum Pacific - 1. Soviet Union - 1.4 Radiolarians of the Far East

Tikhomirova, L.B.

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 19 Number 1-2 (1988), p. 67 - 77

37 references

published: Sep 19, 1988

DOI: 10.1127/nos/19/1988/67

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During the compilation of large-scale geological maps in the Far East, a radiolarian stratigraphy has been developed for the wide-spread Jurassic volcanogenic siliceous strata. Radiolarians are the principal fossils (37, 38). New localities were examined on the shore of the Okhotsk Sea, in the Amur region, Khabarovsk region, central Sikhote-Alin, and in Primorye. All deposits studied belong to the geosynclinal complex and consist of marine sedimentary and volcano-sedimentary rocks: siliceous shales and clays, cherts, claystones, limestones and pyroclastic rocks.


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