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Jurassic Taxa Ranges and Correlation Charts for the Circum Pacific - 1. Soviet Union - 1.5 Ammonites, bivalves, conchostracans, and plants of Transbaikalia and Yakutiyaa

Markovich, E.M.; Okuneva, T.M.; Trussova, E.K.

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 19 Number 1-2 (1988), p. 79 - 94

28 references

published: Sep 19, 1988

DOI: 10.1127/nos/19/1988/79

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Marine Jurassic occurs mainly in the central part of the Eastern Transbaikal region. The outcrop follows the contours of the Early Jurassic marine basin which was a large bay of the Pacific ocean penetrating as a narrow band into the paleocontinent of Eurasia. The shore line is indicated by lateral change of marine into near-shore continental facies. The marine basin existed up to the Aalenian; then the sea receded eastward into the upper Amur region.


marine Jurassicammonitesbivalves