Original paper

Intent and Reality in Biostratigraphic Zonation: a Reply to Sandberg, Ziegler, and Bultynck (1988)

Klapper, Gilbert

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 19 Number 3 (1988), p. 179 - 183

11 references

published: Oct 26, 1988

DOI: 10.1127/nos/19/1988/179

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Three principal interpretations are developed herein: 1) In my 1985 study of Ancyrodella, the taxonomic content of A. rotundiloba was not expanded and my concept of the species is in agreement with the original types of Bryant (1921); 2) The GSSP for the base of the Upper Devonian Series drawn in the Montagne Noire at the entry of A. rotundiloba is not below, but rather at the base of the Lower asymmetricus Zone; and 3) Sandberg et al. (1988) may have used an operational base for the same zone at a level three evolutionary steps above the entry of A. rotundiloba, that is at the level of the late form of A. alata.


AncyrodellaUpper DevonianMontagne NoireA. rotundiloba