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Jurassic Taxa Ranges and Correlation Charts for the Circum Pacific - 1. Soviet Union - 1.3 Ammonites and bivalves of the Far East

Sey, I.I.; Kalacheva, E.D.; Khudoley, K.M.

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 19 Number 1-2 (1988), p. 35 - 65

20 references

published: Sep 19, 1988

DOI: 10.1127/nos/19/1988/35

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Far East occupies the southeastern part of the USSR, bounded by the Upper Amur Basin in the west, the Tukuringra-Dzhagdy Ranges and the Uda River in the north, and the seas of Okhotsk and Japan in the east. The Jurassic deposits in this region are wide-spread in the Amur-Okhotsk and Sikhote Alin Fold Systems, but macrofaunal remains are quite rare and poorly preserved. Fossiliferous Jurassic deposits fill a number of smaller troughs yielding mainly ammonites and bivalves. These are the Uda and Torom Troughs in the north, the Upper Amur Trough in the west, the Bureya Trough in the central part, the Okrainka Trough in southern Sikhote Alin and the southern Primorye Trough in the south. Jurassic sediments in these troughs served as the basis for a regional stratigraphic scale. Terrigenous marine facies predominate, but siliceous-volcanic and siliceous -terrigenous sequences are present in fold systems. Continental deposits are rare, e. g. the Upper Jurassic of the Bureya and Upper Amur Troughs.


ammonitesbivalvesUSSRJurassic sedimentsUpper Jurassic