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Correction of a reaction

Erben, H. K.

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 2 Number 4 (1973), p. 185 - 187

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published: Mar 5, 1973

DOI: 10.1127/nos/2/1973/185

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Professor Hedberg's "Reaction... " published in Newsletters on Stratigraphy (vol. 2,4) and referring to my "Replies... " (vol. 2,2) contains a large number of misinterpretations, inexact or even incorrect statements and unjust accusations. Thus, for my own protection a correction becomes necessary. However, two points have to be clarified first: (a) Since I am not a member of the editorial board I am not responsible for the fact that the objections attacking my "Dissenting Comments " have not been reprinted in Newsletters along with my reply. (Besides, I fail to see any justification for Professor Hedberg's reproach for these objections had been published already in the ISSC circulars and have therefore been accessible to the readers.) (b) I have never stated that my paper has "the approval of Professor Hedberg" and this remark does not appear under its heading. I am absolutely and definitely not responsible for it. (Professor Hedberg could have observed that this remark is unmistakably signed by the editors.)


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