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4. Japan and South-East Asia

Sato, T.; Westermann, G.E.G.; Hayami, I.; Kimura, T.; Dang, T.H.; Khuk, Vu

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 24 Number 1-2 (1991), p. 81 - 108

116 references

published: May 13, 1991

DOI: 10.1127/nos/24/1991/81

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In Japan, Jurassic rocks dated by macrofossils are distributed in four major areas: Toyora in western Honshu; Kuruma-Tetori on the Hida Plateau; South Kitakami in Northeast Honshu; and the Torinosu belt along the Pacific margin of Japan. Lower Jurassic is known from Toyora, Kuruma and South Kitakami and 3 ammonite zones were established in Toyora. The Middle Jurassic ammonite zones, including the ikianus Zone which ranges down into the Upper Toarcian, were established in South Kitakami and in Kuzuryu of the Hida Plateau. The Upper Jurassic ammonite zones were established in Kuzuryu, and in the Torinosu belt of Shikoku.