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Zur Genese und Stratigraphie der Braunkohle von Drama unter Berücksichtigung des Fossilinhalts

[Orgin and Statigraphy of Lignite Beds of Drama on their Fossils]

Antoniadis, Prodromos A.; Rieber, Ernst

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 27 Number 1-2 (1992), p. 1 - 32

51 references

published: May 8, 1992

DOI: 10.1127/nos/27/1992/1

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Das Untersuchungsgebiet liegt in Ostmazedonien (Nordostgriechenland) im Großbecken von Drama. Ein durch Bohrungen erforschtes Braunkohlevorkommen nimmt den zentralen Teil des Beckens mit einer Fläche von etwa 100 km² ein. Die sogenannten "Hangenden Flözschichten" stehen im Zusammenhang mit dem bekannten Torfvorkommen von Philippi. Die in dieser Arbeit publizierten ersten Ergebnisse über Fossilinhalt und Kohlemazerale basieren auf der Untersuchung von Bohrkernen aus den Flözen und Kohlezwischenmitteln des Profils.


This short account gives information about geological, paleobotanical and stratigraphical records, obtained from borehole-material of the Drama basin, East-Macedonia (NE-Greece). The central part of this basin consists of Lignite beds with an extension of 100 km². The Lignites belong to the socalled "Hangende Flözschichten" and are not to be seen separated from the recent bog-formations of Philippi (in a short distance from Drama). A first analysis of maceral types and palaeobotanical results leads to the following conclusions: The allochthonous formation of nearly all the Lignite beds took place under high levels of water. Lakes and pools moved by slight circulations were extended over large areas of the basin. To build up several meters of coal seams during about 1000 to 20000 years an annual amount of precipitate of 1300 mm is required. Numerous plants lived in shallow ponds, blanket bogs and wet places. Most of the species belong to recent ones, especially to those, living in Northern Greece today. This could be taken as a strong indication for Pleistocene age. Temperatures of 13 to 14°C are estimated using the data of similar landscapes today.


borehole-materialEast-MacedoniaLigniteallochthonous formationPleistocene