Original paper

Lithostratigraphy and Sedimentary History of the Calabrian Deposits at Santa Maria di Catanzaro

Brolsma, M. J.; Meulenkamp, J. E.


Recently, lengthy arguments in the literature show increasing confusion about the identity of the Calabrian, a stage which is of extreme importance as the lowermost part of the Quaternary. Since the basis of such a discussion, i. e. a good description of the type deposits, is lacking, a detailed survey has been carried out. The lower part of the type Calabrian deposits was probably laid down in a shallowing sea because of a relative uplift originating at the end of the Pliocene. In this sea a system of shoals and passes developed under high-energy sedimentation conditions. The upper part of the Calabrian at Santa Maria di Catanzaro shows more quiet sedimentation conditions, possibly due to a renewed relative deepening of the sea. No indications were found suggesting a turbiditic origin of the Calabrian stratotype deposits, as brought forward by several authors.