Original paper

The Ostracode Fauna of the Type Calabrian Deposits at Santa Maria di Catanzaro (S. Italy)

Sissingh, W.


Results are given of the investigation of ostracode assemblages from 16 samples from the type Calabrian deposits of Santa Maria di Catanzaro. A paleoecologic and taphonomic interpretation of the various thanatocoenoses indicates that reworked Pliocene ostracodes and displaced Calabrian taxa from shallower environments were introduced into the assemblages of the type deposits. In contrast with the opinion of previous authors the type deposits are considered to be deposited at a depth less than 100 m. With the beginning of the Pleistocene several new taxa appeared in the Mediterranean basin. Among the more or less boreal forms of these species Cytheropteron testudo may be considered to be a reliable guide fossil for the Calabrian of the Mediterranean realm.