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Ruscinian of the territory of the former Soviet Union

Pevzner, M. A.; Vangengeim, E. A.; Vislobokova, I. A.; Sotnikova, M. V.; Tesakov, A. S.

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 33 Number 2 (1996), p. 77 - 97

37 references

published: Feb 8, 1996

DOI: 10.1127/nos/33/1996/77

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Stratigraphic succession and position in the magnetochronological scale have been established for 22 reference localities of the Ruscinian mammals situated on the territory of the former Soviet Union (FSU). The oldest faunas (beginning of the MN 14) occur in Western Siberia. In the European part of the former Soviet Union the oldest faunas are correlated with the middle part of the MN 14 zone. Most of the localities belong to the end of zone MN 14 and to the zone MN 15. At the boundary of zones MN 14 and MN 15 changes in quantitative ratios of mammals are observed. An important faunal event took place within the MN 15 zone. A number of form appeared at this time; they subsequently underwent intense development in the Villafranchian. East European faunas have much in common with faunas of the Central Europe and Eastern Mediterranean. Faunas of Western Siberia and Northern Kazakhstan were more influenced by Asian centers of evolution.


magnetochronologicalRuscinianmammalsformer Soviet UnionFSUVillafranchianNorthern KazakhstanWestern Siberia