Original paper

Stratigraphy of some of the Upper Palaeozoic and Mesozoic carbonate rocks of the Eastern Highlands, Burma

Amos, Brian James


The complex stratigraphy of the limestones and dolomitised carbonate rocks of the Eastern Highlands, originally known as the Plateau Limestone, has never been fully determined. A brief review of previous work traces the development of the knowledge of the stratigraphy of these rocks from the early hypothesis that the majority of them were Devonian in age, with some Permo-Carboniferous horizons, to the more recent realisation that they also include a Triassic sequence of unknown thickness and extent. New stratigraphic and palaeontological evidence is presented from the Ye-ngan area, and from north of Maymyo. Available evidence indicates that the dolomites are the result of extensive diagenetic dolomitisation of Devonian, possibly Carboniferous, Permian and Triassic limestones. Incomplete dolomitisation in some areas has left some limestones unaffected, particularly those of Permian age. The Triassic carbonate rocks are at least 2500 metres thick. A new stratigraphic nomenclature is proposed to encompass this extended stratigraphic sequence.