Original paper

On the Geologic Time Scale 2008

Gradstein, Felix M.; Ogg, James G.; van Kranendonk, Martin


This report summarizes the international divisions of the geologic time scale and ages. Over 35 chronostratigraphic units have been formalized since 2000, with about one third of the almost 100 geologic stages of the Phanerozoic still awaiting international definition. The same numerical time scale is used as in Geologic Time Scale 2004 for the majority of stage boundaries. Exceptions are made if the definitions for stage boundaries are at a different level than the previous “working” versions (e.g., base of Serravallian, base of Coniacian, and bases of Ghzelian, Kasimovian and Serpukhovian). In most cases, numerical changes in ages are within GTS2004 age error envelopes. On-screen display and production of user-tailored time-scale charts is provided by the Time-Scale Creator, a public JAVA package available from the ICS website (www.stratigraphy.org) and www.tscreator.com.