Original paper

Ammonite zonation of the upper Cenomanian and lower Turonian in the Iberian Trough, Spain

Barroso-Barcenilla, Fernando; Goy, Antonio; Segura, Manuel


New ammonite successions from the upper Cenomanian and lower Turonian of the Iberian Trough are studied and compared with the assemblages obtained by other authors. As a result, the upper Cenomanian Eucalycoceras rowei, Calycoceras (Calycoceras) naviculare, Neolobites vibrayeanus, Metoicoceras mosbyense, Metoicoceras geslinianum, Vascoceras gamai and Spathites (Jeanrogericeras) subconciliatus, and the lower Turonian Choffaticeras (Choffaticeras) quaasi, Spathites (Ingridella) malladae, Choffaticeras (Leoniceras) luciae, Mammites nodosoides and Wrightoceras munieri biostratigraphic divisions are identified, defined and discussed, and representative specimens of their index species are illustrated.