Original paper

The Lower/Upper Maastrichtian boundary interval in the Lublin Syncline (SE Poland, Boreal realm): new insight into foraminiferal stratigraphy

Dubicka, Zofia; Peryt, Danuta


A detailed micropaleontological study of the upper part of the Lower and Upper Maastrichtian strata of the Lublin Syncline (SE Poland) recorded several foraminiferal events and foraminiferal event stratigraphy turned out to be useful for interregional correlation. Main foraminiferal events recorded are: the temporary disappearance of Rugoglobigerina spp. coinciding with the last occurrence of Angulogavelinella gracilis; the reappearance of Globotruncana spp. after a longer absence in the area; the temporary disappear ance of Stensioeina spp. and the last occurrence of Gavelinella monterelensis, as well as a short-lived bloom of Globotruncanella petaloidea. The reappearance of Globotruncanidae in SE Poland slightly above the base of the Belemnitella junior Zone probably reflects a global sea level rise recognised in north-western Europe and eastern North America. The temporary disappearance of the genus Rugoglobigerina at the base of the Belemnitella junior Zone may be used as a good marker for the Lower/Upper Maastrichtian substage boundary in the Boreal Province.


lower/upper maastrichtian substage boundaryforaminiferal event stratigraphylublin synclinese poland