Original paper

A revised Cenozoic dinoflagellate cyst and calcareous nannoplankton zonation for the German sector of the southeastern North Sea Basin

Köthe, Angelika


The zonations of Martini (1971; Proc. II. Plankt. Conf. Roma 1970, 739-785), Müller and Köthe (1988; Geologisches Jahrbuch A100, 253-261) and Köthe (2003; Revue de Paléobiologie 22, 895-923) are updated based on new dinoflagellate cyst (dinocyst) and calcareous nannoplankton data from the German sector of the North Sea Basin generated over the last ten years. The early Paleocene to Quaternary dinocyst and calcareous nannoplankton zones for this region are described. Dinocyst and calcareous nannoplankton index markers and additional markers are designated, and previously used marker taxa that have been recognized not to be suitable are discussed. The dinocyst zones D1* and D2* are defined for the German sector of the North Sea Basin for the first time. The zones D4*, D9*, D14*, and DN2* are refined, and zones D3* and D5* are modified. Five dinocyst zones (Germany DN-zones GDN11 to GDN15) for the Pliocene and Pleistocene are established. The calcareous nannoplankton zone NN3* is modified. Additional markers are presented for zones NN6 to NN18, for which almost none of Martini's (1971) index markers are present in the North Sea Basin. The combined zones NN6/7, NN8/10, NN12/15, and NN16/18, which allow a rough dating of this time interval, are described.


calcareous nannoplanktondinocystscenozoic