Original paper

A stratigraphic revision of the humphriesianum/subfurcatum Zone rocks (Bajocian Stage, Middle Jurassic) of Southern England

Parsons, F. Colin F.

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 5 Number 2-3 (1976), p. 114 - 142

36 references

published: Nov 24, 1976

DOI: 10.1127/nos/5/1976/114

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The development of the standard zonal scheme for this part of the Bajocian Stage is discussed, and a detailed, bed by bed, analysis of rocks of this age in Southern England (mainly Dorset) is given. The type horizons of SMITH'S, SOWERBY'S and BUCKMAN'S ammonite species are discussed, and as many as possible of these are placed in their correct stratigraphic position. A detailed description of the stratigraphic distribution of the major ammonite species and genera is given. Finally the subzonal divisions of these zones, which have been recognised in Southern England are redefined; that is the romani, humphriesianum and blagdeni Subzones of the humphriesianum Zone and banksi, polygyralis and baculata Subzones of the subfurcatum Zone.


humphriesianumsubfurcatumBajocian StageMiddle JurassicSouthern England