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International Subcommission on Stratigraphic Classification

Salvador, Amos

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 6 Number 1 (1977), p. 66 - 66

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published: Mar 15, 1977

DOI: 10.1127/nos/6/1977/66

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At the 25th International Geological Congress held in Sidney, Australia, in mid-August, 1976, the International Subcommission on Stratigraphic Classification (of the IUGS Commission on Stratigraphy) held two meetings, inaugurated new officers, and sponsored a Symposium on an International Geochronological Time Scale. The Subcommission is composed of about 120 stratigraphers from all parts of the world, and has devoted its efforts for the last 25 years to fostering international communication and agreement in matters of stratigraphic classification, terminology and procedure. To this end it published the "International Stratigraphic Guide" (JOHN WILEY and Sons, 200 p., 1976).


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