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Nachweis von Nannoplankton-Zonen und ihre Korrelation mit lokalen Stufen im Neogen NW-Deutschlands

[Verification of nannoplanton zones and their correlation with local Neogen stages in Nw-Germany]

Müller, C.; Kuster, H.; Spiegler, D.; Daniels, C. H. v.

Newsletters on Stratigraphy Volume 8 Number 2 (1979), p. 153 - 158

8 references

published: Dec 14, 1979

DOI: 10.1127/nos/8/1979/153

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Correlation of some local Tertiary stages of North West Germany with standard nannoplankton zones is now better possible by evaluation of stratigraphic results of several samples from recently drilled ground water wells. Reinbekian corresponds to NN 5, Hemmoorian to NN 4 (Oxlundian) and NN 3 (Behrendorfian), Vierlandian to NN 1/2 and Chattian to NP 25.


nannoplankton zonesReinbekianHemmoorianTertiaryNorth West Germany