Original paper

Carboniferous Stratigraphy of Istanbul

Kaya, Orhan


Carboniferous sedimentary rocks exposed on both sides of Bosporus constitute a continuous marine sequence representing a time interval ranging from Tournasian to Namurian. Because the rocks are well exposed and fossilferous, they comprise an important stratigraphic reference section for regional correlations. The Carboniferous sequence conformably and gradationally overlies the Late Devonian strata on the basin centre while it overlaps onto Ordovician and Silurian rocks on the basin flanks. The system represents two cycles of transgression commenced with the deposition of lydite and culminated through the epiclastic flysch development. The tectonic framework in which the Carboniferous rocks were deposited is inherited from Early Paleozoic. It is recently recognized that the Carboniferous sequence is disconformably overlain by Early Triassic detrital and carbonate strata on the western side of Bosporus as well as on the eastern side.