Original paper

Debatable problems of stratigraphic classification

Gladenkov, Yuri B.


The paper deals with an analysis of the International Stratigraphic Guide and the USSR Stratigraphic Code as well as proposes a stratigraphic classification which distinguishes: 1) main stratigraphic subdivisions (standard and regional), and 2) other subdivisions used in geological practice (with isochronous and diachronous boundaries). Four types of horizons and three main types of zones are established; each type is subdivided into several smaller categories. The paper emphasizes a necessity to create a single system of stratigraphic taxonomy. The level of refinement of stratigraphic scales is one of the best indices of the degree of development and even sophistication, of geological science as recently noted by MENNER (1977). The practical aspects of this problem are evinced by the need for stratigraphic scales in carrying out detailed geological mapping (on land and on the continental shelf), and the need for a universal system of stratigraphic nomenclature for the International Geological Map of both the continents and the oceans.