Original paper

The genus Pluteus (Pluteaceae, Agaricales) from the state of Paraná, Brazil

Menolli Jr., Nelson; de Meijer, André A.R.; Capelari, Marina

Nova Hedwigia Band 100 Heft 1-2 (2015), p. 101 - 157

published: Feb 1, 2015

DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2014/0224

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To complement the knowledge of Pluteus in Brazil, we made a critical study of Pluteus specimens collected by one of us in the state of Paraná between 1979 and 2011. Among the total 79 collections from Paraná, 37 collections were either in bad conditions or unable to locate at MBM for identification. The remaining collections were critically investigated and assigned to 21 species: 11 of sect. Celluloderma, seven of sect. Pluteus and three of sect. Hispidoderma. Pluteus chusqueae, P. eludens, P. fusconigricans, P. homolae, P. sapiicola and P. striatocystis are reported for the first time for Brazil. Pluteus anomocystidiatus, P. crassocystidiatus and P. neochrysaegis are newly proposed. All new species were described and illustrated together with detailed comments on other species. A key is provided for all species considered.