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New and noteworthy records of Liverworts (Marchantiopsida) and Hornworts (Anthocerotopsida) for Rwanda

Fischer, Eberhard; Thiel, Carolin

Nova Hedwigia Band 100 Heft 3-4 (2015), p. 525 - 534

published: May 1, 2015

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Additional records of liverworts and hornworts from Rwanda are provided. Colololejeunea minuscula, originally described from Florida, USA is a new record for Africa. The recently described Amphicephalozia africana is recorded from its second locality. 35 species are recorded for Rwanda, rising the total number of known liverworts and hornworts to 263. Remarkable findings are Cololejeunea capuronii, previously only known from the type collection from Madagascar, and Cephalojonesia incuba ssp. incuba, previously known only from three collections from Nigeria, D.R. Congo and Kenya. A probably new species of Lejeunea is also reported. The diversity of liverworts and hornworts is briefly discussed.


new recordscololejeunea capuroniiamphicephalozia africanarwandacololejeunea minusculacephalojonesia incuba