Original paper

Two new species of Sporidesmiella from southern China

Ma, Jian; Xia, Ji-Wen; Castañeda-Ruíz, Rafael F.; Zhang, Xiu-Guo

Nova Hedwigia Band 101 Heft 1-2 (2015), p. 131 - 137

published: Aug 1, 2015

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Two new anamorphic fungi, Sporidesmiella nanlingensis sp. nov. and S. bawanglingensis sp. nov. are described and illustrated from specimens collected on dead branches in southern China. Sporidesmiella nanlingensis is characterized by terminal, annellidic conidiogenous cells with solitary, clavate to cuneiform, smooth, 4-distoseptate, 15–20 × 6–6.5 μm conidia with a rounded papilla at the apex. S. bawanglingensis differs from other described Sporidesmiella species in producing comparatively smaller, obclavate to fusiform, 5-distoseptate and smooth conidia. The novelties are morphologically compared with similar taxa.


hyphomycetestaxonomyconidial fungi