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Spatial and temporal variations in the genera Euastrum Ralfs and Micrasterias Ralfs (Desmidiaceae) assemblages of high altitude lakes (Western Carpathians)

Lenarczyk, Joanna; Lenzenweger, Rupert; Jacuńska, Urszula

Nova Hedwigia Band 101 Heft 1-2 (2015), p. 233 - 250

published: Aug 1, 2015

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This work reflects the current state of knowledge regarding floristic composition and distribution of Euastrum Ralfs and Micrasterias Ralfs desmids in lakes of the highest and most distinct part of the Polish Western Carpathians, the Tatra Mountains. Our data, as well as the literature records from the period of the last hundred years were analyzed in order to assess long-term changes in trophy using the desmid taxa. In total, 32 Euastrum and 7 Micrasterias taxa are known from the mountains so far. Most of them are distributed in European mountain and lowland areas. Differences between the present and previous taxonomic compositions suggest that the floristic structure has not changed much over the last hundred years. The literature data show that only E. oblongum var. oblongum, E. ansatum var. ansatum and E. denticulatum occurred frequently in the Tatra lakes in the past. Similarly, the latter two taxa, together with E. bidentatum var. speciosum, E. binale var. gutwinskii, E. humerosum var. humerosum and E. subalpinum var. subalpinum/ crassum, occurred frequently in the present study.


desmidsbioindicatorscarpathian mountainshigh altitude lakeseuastrummicrasterias