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Brazilian Semi-Arid Ascomycetes II: New and interesting records of Bertiaceae, Nitschkiaceae and Scortechiniaceae (Coronophorales, Sordariomycetes)

Carneiro de Almeida, Davi A.; Pascholati Gusmão, Luís F.; Miller, Andrew N.

Nova Hedwigia Band 102 Heft 3-4 (2016), p. 513 - 522

published: May 1, 2016

DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2016/0324

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This is the second paper in a series of articles reporting the diversity of Dothideomycetes and Sordariomycetes in three enclaves of Atlantic Forest in the Caatinga Biome of the semi-arid region of Brazil. We provide illustrations, descriptions and notes of five species representing three families in the Coronophorales. Bertia convolutispora and B. moriformis are new records for South America, while B. tropicalis (Bertiaceae) and Scortechinia diminutispora (Scortechiniaceae) are new records for Brazil. Fracchiaea broomeana (Nitschkiaceae) has been previously reported from Brazil. Molecular analysis of partial sequences of the 28S nrDNA confirms the identifications of B. tropicalis and S. diminutispora.


lignicolous ascomycotahypocreomycetidaetaxonomy