Original paper

Novelties in Cyathus (Basidiomycota): new species and a phylogenetic analysis

da Silva, Maria Aparecida; Barbosa, Marcos Mateus Barros; Baseia, Iuri Goulart; Malosso, Elaine

Nova Hedwigia Band 103 Heft 1-2 (2016), p. 57 - 69

published: Aug 1, 2016

DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2016/0332

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Three new species of Cyathus are proposed in this study: C. bastitae and C. apiculatus were collected in the Atlantic rain forest, while C. pedunculatus was found in a semiarid region; both regions are located in the Brazilian Northeast. These species were included in a phylogenetic analysis with species from Brazilian herbaria that had been collected in the Northeast region. All samples were investigated using Maximum Parsimony and Bayesian analysis, taking into account the DNA sequences of the ribosomal regions ITS and LSU. To improve the phylogenetic study, thirty-three specimens were analyzed from three Brazilian herbaria: URM Herbarium, UFRN Herbarium (Fungi Collection) and UESC Herbarium. Results showed that phylogenetic groups previously proposed for the genus based on molecular data are well supported; however, the inclusion of sequences on species collected from the Brazilian Northeast suggests the existence of a clade that indicated the segregation of a new group in Cyathus. Besides, molecular data aided by morphological data supports the establishment of the three new species of this genus.


herbariagasteroid fungilsumolecular analysistaxonomyits