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Studies on Lophocoleaceae XXVI. A conspectus of Leptoscyphus Mitt. in temperate Australasia together with comments on southern South American and tropical species, nomenclatural refinements in Chiloscyphus Corda, and a range extension in Heteroscyphus Schiffn.

Engel, John J.

Nova Hedwigia Band 103 Heft 3-4 (2016), p. 281 - 313

published: Nov 1, 2016

DOI: 10.1127/nova_hedwigia/2016/0351

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A conspectus of the Australasian species of Leptoscyphus is presented. Chiloscyphus subg. Aperticaules, Leptoscyphus subg. Blepharoleptoscyphae, L. subg. Idiodonti, L. subg. Microphyllidici, L. subg. Neoleptoscyphus, and L. subg. Physanthi are new subgenera. Chiloscyphus sect. Subemarginati , Leptoscyphus sect. Neoleptoscyphus, L. sect. Erratici, and L. sect. Incompti are new sections. Leptoscyphus idiodontus, L. incomptus, L. microphyllidicus, and L. nanophysanthodes are new species. Leptoscyphus excipulatus var. canaliculatus is a new variety. Heteroscyphus coalitus var. simplicifolius and Leptoscyphus excipulatus are new to New Zealand. Leptoscyphus compactus and L . erraticus are new for Tasmania. Leptoscyphus excipulatus is new for New South Wales.


lophoco-leaceaeheteroscyphusliverwortsnew zealandleptoscyphusmarchantiophytatasmanianeotropicstaxonomychiloscyphus