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Algologische und oekologische Ergebnisse der Eisschluß- und Eisbruch-Exkursionen aus Teichen des nördlichen Waldviertels (Niederösterreich)

[Phycological and oecological conditions at the breaking and closing of the ice in ponds of the Norther Waldviertel (Lower Austria)]

Wawrik, Friederike

Nova Hedwigia Band 30 Heft 1-4 (1979), p. 851 - 868

11 references

published: Feb 1, 1979

DOI: 10.1127/nova.hedwigia/30/1979/851

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Carrying on the algological and oecological conditions of breaking and closing of ice in ponds of the northern "Waldviertel" the results concerning Winter 1976/77 are communicated. There was a strong afflux of melted snow: by falling temperature und pH-values. In some ponds there were losses of fish. New for science are: Scenedesmus producto-capitatus Schmula var. doleoformis nova var. Carteria megavacuolata n. sp. The following rare algae have been observed and discussed: Bicoeca socialis, Chlamydomonas pertusa, Chrysolykos gracilis, Dinobryon crenulatum, Mallomonas heterospina v. ornata, M. insignis, M. schwemmlei, M. teilingii, Menoidium curvatum, M. semilunare, Mixosarcinia chroococcoides, Nautocapsa neustophila, Ochromonas ostreaeformis, Ophyocytium arbusculum, Siderocelis kolkwitzii, Syncrypta xantha. The following new species are only notified and will be described later on: Chrysamoeba reinholdii, Chromulina gebhartsii, Euglena astasioides.