Original paper

Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Discomyceten-Gattung Belonioscypha Rehm

[Contribution to the Discomycete genus Belonioscypha Rehm]

Stadelmann, René Josef

Nova Hedwigia Band 30 Heft 1-4 (1979), p. 815 - 834

24 references

published: Feb 1, 1979

DOI: 10.1127/nova.hedwigia/30/1979/815

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The genus Belonioscypha Rehm (Heliotiales) is redescribed and discussed. It is limited to three species: B. culmicola (Desm.) Dennis (type-species), B. miniata Kanouse and B. alpina spec. nov. B. sessilis Thind et Singh and B. lactea (Ell. et Everh.) Seaver have to be excluded, whereas B. chrysosperma Le Gal is considered to be a synonym of the type-species. A number of collections of the accepted species are presented by numeric taxonomy. Furthermore a new combination is proposed: Bisporella lactea (Ellis et Everh.) Stadelmann comb. nov.