Original paper

Chronological Sequence, Synchronization and Induction of the Development of Fruit Bodies in Cladonia furcata var. furcata (Huds.) Schrad.

Jahns, H. M.; Herold, K.; Beltman, H. A.

Nova Hedwigia Band 30 Heft 1-4 (1979), p. 469 - 526

16 references

published: Feb 1, 1979

DOI: 10.1127/nova.hedwigia/30/1979/469

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The development of the fruit bodies in the genus Cladonia has been repeatedly studied; in this connection particularly the works of Krabbe (1891) and Baur (1904) are deserving of mention. The discrepant and contradictory reports in these earlier works could be explained and reconciled by Jahns (1970a). There are, within the genus Cladonia, several types of development, and according to the findings of Jahns, those investigated by Krabbe and Baur were different. Finally, Jahns and Beltman (1973) showed that there exist in Cladonia in all four ontogenetic types of fruit body development. It becomes apparent, even from this brief summary of previous investigations, that not only the typical fruit body development in Cladonia, but also the ontogeny of numerous individual species, is quite well known.


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