Original paper

The Haptobenthic Diatom Flora of Long Branch Cree, South Carolina

Camburn, Keith E.; Lowe, Rex L.; Stoneburner, Daniel L

Nova Hedwigia Band 30 Heft 1-4 (1979), p. 149 - 280

94 references

published: Feb 1, 1979

DOI: 10.1127/nova.hedwigia/30/1979/149

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The taxonomy of the diatoms of Long Branch Creek, South Carolina, was investigated. Haptobenthic diatom samples were collected monthly from 7 March 1975 through 22 February 1976 at four sampling stations. Epiphytic samples from Cladophora and Fontinalis and epilithic samples from regions of the stream with negligible and swift current were collected at each station. Six hundred valves were identified from each of the 135 samples collected. Two hundred and sixty-eight diatom taxa representing 31 genera were investigated. Genera represented by the greatest number of species were Eunotia, Achnanthes, Navicula, Pinnularia, Gomphonema and Nitzschia. The most abundantly occurring diatom in Long Branch Creek was Eunotia pectinalis var. minor (Kütz.) Rabh. Nine new species, 1 variety, 1 form and two new combinations are described. Long Branch Creek supported a rich diatom flora composed of many species typically associated with soft-water streams.


diatomshaptobenthicepilithicLong Branch CreekSouth Carolina