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Three new taxa of Pottiaceae (Musci) from Israel: Acaulon longifolium, Poltia gemmifera and Barbula ehrenbergii var. gemmipara

Herrnstadt, Ilana; Heyn, C. Clara

Nova Hedwigia Band 69 Heft 1-2 (1999), p. 229 - 235

9 references

published: Aug 1, 1999

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Three new pottiaceous taxa from Israel, two species and one variety are described. Acaulon longifolium the largest among the local Acaulon species is characterized by the long entire leaves not or hardly concealing the mature capsule, long excurrent costa with large somewhat inflated ventral cells. A table comparing the new species with closely related ones is added. The main diagnostic character of Pottia gemmifera is its bud shaped propagula in at least some leaf axils. Barbula ehrenbergii var. gemmipara differs from the typical variety by the abundant multicellular fusiform axillary gemmae.


Pottiaceae (Musci)IsraelAcaulon longifoliumPoltia gemmiferaBarbula ehrenbergii var. gemmipara