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Fungi of the genus Microsphaera in Serbia

Ranković, Branislav

Nova Hedwigia Band 69 Heft 3-4 (1999), p. 407 - 414

17 references

published: Nov 1, 1999

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A search for powdery mildew agents present in Serbia was carried out during the period 1986-1998. Sixteen species of Microsphaera Lév. were observed causing powdery mildews on 42 plant species. Thirteen of the identified species are recorded for the first time in Serbia, and powdery mildews are newly recorded on 39 host plant species. The genus Helleborus was found for the first time with a powdery mildew fungus. Data of taxonomic characteristics, registered localites and frequency of occurrence of these fungi are presented.


Microsphaerapowdery mildewhost plantErysiphales