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Studies on Hepaticae LXVII-LXVIII Lepidoziaceae subfamily Zoopsidoideae (4): Monodactylopsis and Pteropsiella

Schuster, R.M.

Nova Hedwigia Band 69 Heft 3-4 (1999), p. 517 - 540

22 references

published: Nov 1, 1999

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Plants slight, semiconfervoid, light to clear green, creeping and often a minor component amidst larger taxa, sometimes in mats formed by interwoven stems; branching irregular, ventral-intercalary. Axes at maturity consisting of 4 cortical cell rows (2 rows of large polyhedral cells, the lateral merophytes, subi sodiametric to ca. 2-3 x as long as wide + (1)2 rows of much smaller, narrower, longer ventral cortical cells, the ventral merophytes) + 1 row of small, longer, medullary cells.