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Fungi from palms. XLII. Didymosphaeria and similar ascomycetes from palms

Hyde, Kevin D.; Aptroot, André; Fröhlich, Jane; Taylor, Joanne E.

Nova Hedwigia Band 69 Heft 3-4 (1999), p. 449 - 471

14 references

published: Nov 1, 1999

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Species of Didymosphaeria and similar fungi found on palms are reviewed. The following new species are described: Appendispora australiensis J. Fröhl. & K.D. Hyde, Didymosphaeria calamicola Aptroot, J. Fröhl. & K.D. Hyde, Montagnula stromatosa Aptroot, J.E. Taylor & K.D. Hyde, Roussoëlla calamicola J. Fröhl., K.D. Hyde & Aptroot, and R. palmicola J. Fröhl., K.D. Hyde & Aptroot.


Didymosphaeriaceaeascomycetespalm fungisystematicsAppendisporaDidymosphaeriaMontagnulaRoussoëlla