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Fungi from palms. XLIII. Lophiostoma and Astrosphaeriella species with slit-like ostioles

Hyde, Kevin D.; Aptroot, André; Fröhlich, Jane; Taylor, Joanne E.

Nova Hedwigia Band 70 Heft 1-2 (2000), p. 143 - 160

11 references

published: Feb 1, 2000

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Species of Lophiostoma and similar fungi from palms are reviewed. Astrosphaeriella is expanded to encompass also species with a slit-like ostiole, but otherwise in full agreement with the core group of the genus. These species were previously often described in Lophiostoma. Astrosphaeriella species possess narrow trabeculae embedded in a gelatinous matrix, the ascomatal peridium is dense and carbonaceous, and the cell lumina are difficult to discern. Lophiostoma species on the other hand, have wide, cellular pseudoparaphyses and a cellular peridium. The following new species are described: Astrosphaeriella daemonoropis J. Fröhl., K. D. Hyde & Aptroot, Astrosphaeriella fissuristoma J. Fröhl., K. D. Hyde & Aptroot, Astrosphaeriella immersa J. E. Taylor, K. D. Hyde & E. B. G. Jones and Lophiostoma australiense J. Fröhl., K. D. Hyde & Aptroot. The following new combinations are proposed: Astrosphaeriella asiana (K. D. Hyde) Aptroot & K. D. Hyde, Astrosphaeriella maculans (Rehm) Aptroot, K. D. Hyde & J. E. Taylor and Astrosphaeriella mangrovis (Kohlm. & Vittal) Aptroot & K. D. Hyde.


LophiostomataceaeMelanommataceaenew speciespalm fungisystematicsLophiostomaAstrosphaeriella