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A revision of Plagiochila sect. Crispatae and sect. Hypnoides (Hepaticae) in the Neotropics. I. Plagiochila disticha, P. montagnei and P. raddiana

Heinrichs, Jochen; Gradstein, S. Rob

Nova Hedwigia Band 70 Heft 1-2 (2000), p. 161 - 184

16 references

published: Feb 1, 2000

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A revision of about 40 species and infraspecific taxa of Plagiochila sect. Crispatae Carl and sect. Hypnoides Carl from the Neotropics leads to the recognition of only three species, P. disticha (Lehmann & Lindenb.) Lindenb., P. montagnei Nees and P. raddiana Lindenb., all common and widespread at rather low elevations in tropical America. The species are fully described and illustated. Interpretations of P. disticha and P. raddiana by Inoue (1989) appear to have been erroneous. Analysis of sporophytic and gametophytic characters shows that the two sections are morphologically very similar and should be treated as synonyms. Sect. Crispatae is proposed as the correct name of the group, estimated here to contain about ten species in the Neotropics. The position in the Crispatae of Plagiochila dubia Lindenb. & Gottsche, briefly described here with two new synonyms, remains uncertain by lack of sporophytes. The occurrence of the Crispatae in Africa seems to be restricted to P. rudolfii Pócs as other African species placed in this section (Jones 1962) differ from the American taxa in branching pattern and elater structure.


HepaticaeNeotropicsPlagiochilaceaePlagiochila sect. CrispataePlagiochila sect. Hypnoidessporophyte