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A study of Drepanolejeunea subg. Rhaphidolejeunea (Herzog) Grolle & R.L. Zhu, stat. nov. (Hepaticae, Lejeuneaceae) in China with notes on its species elsewhere

Grolle, Riclef; Zhu, Rui-Liang

Nova Hedwigia Band 70 Heft 3-4 (2000), p. 373 - 396

34 references

published: May 1, 2000

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Rhaphidolejeunea Herzog is reduced to a subgenus of Drepanolejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. In China the subgenus comprises six species: D. commutata Grolle & R. L. Zhu (sp. nov.). D. cyclops (Sande Lac.) Grolle & R. L. Zhu (comb. nov.), D. cf. fleischeri (Steph.) Grolle & R. L. Zhu (comb. nov.), D. foliicola Horik., D. spicata (Steph.) Grolle & R. L. Zhu (comb. nov.), and D. yunnanensis (P. C. Chen) Grolle & R. L. Zhu (comb. nov.). An epitype is designated for clarifying the meaning of the latterone. Drepanolejeunea commutata is similar to D. yunnanensis in male bracteoles present throughout the androecium, but differs in its free lateral margin of the leaf lobule bordered by four strongly elongate rectangular cells. D. cyclops is excluded from the Chinese bryoflora. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of the Chinese species and a key to the species known worldwide are presented. Further five new combinations are proposed: Drepanolejeunea bischlerae (Grolle) Grolle & R. L. Zhu, D. cyclops (Sande Lac.) Grolle & R. L. Zhu, D. longicruris (Steph.) Grolle & R. L. Zhu, D. polyrhiza (Nees) Grolle & R. L. Zhu, and D. siamensis (Bischl.) Grolle & R. L. Zhu.


epiphyllous liverwortsepitypenew combinationsnew recordsnew speciesDrepanolejeunea commutataDrepanolejeunea cyclopsDrepanolejeunea cf. fleischeri