Original paper

On Plagiochila (Hepaticae) section Dendroideae

So, M. L.

Nova Hedwigia Band 71 Heft 1-2 (2001), p. 229 - 238

28 references

published: Aug 1, 2001

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Subgenus Chiastocaulon Carl of the genus Plagiochila is reduced to section Dendroideae Gottsche, Lindenberg & Nees. Included in the section are Plagiochila assamica Steph., P. benitoi Inoue ex Piippo, P. dendroides (Nees) Lindenb., P. fruticosa Mitt., P. frondescens (Nees) Lindenb., P. mauiensis Steph., P. pulcherrima Horik., and P. tamiensis Steph. Plagiochila frondescens var. tenerrima is excluded from the section. A key to the 8 species in the section is provided.


Plagiochila; Dendroideae; key