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Vismaya chaturbeeja gen. et sp. nov. from a dicotyledonous twig in Hong Kong

Sarma, V. V.; Hyde, K. D.

Nova Hedwigia Band 71 Heft 1-2 (2001), p. 247 - 252

21 references

published: Aug 1, 2001

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Vismaya chaturbeeja gen. et. sp. nov. was found on an unidentified decaying dicotyledonous twig in Tai Po Kau Forest, Hong Kong. Vismaya chaturbeeja has immersed perithecial ascomata with long protruding necks, four-spored asci and hyaline, one-celled, verruculose ascospores with appendages at both ends. The genus is placed in the Diaporthales. It is compared with the somewhat similar genera Gnomonia and Gnomoniella.


AscomycetesDiaporthalesGnomoniaGnomoniellalitter funginew genustaxonomy