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Towards a bryophyte flora of the Near and Middle East 3. An artificial key to the Anthocerotophytina and Hepaticophytina of the Near and Middle East

Kürschner, Harald

Nova Hedwigia Band 72 Heft 1-2 (2001), p. 161 - 200

46 references

published: Feb 1, 2001

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A hornwort and liverwort flora for the Near and Middle East (Southwest Asia) is presented, including all hitherto reported records (altogether 206 species). It includes keys to all groups and species, illustrations of main characters, notes on the occurrence of the species in the different countries and remarks to questionable or erroneously recorded, as well as taxonomic problematical taxa.


Anthocerotophytinabryophyte floraHepaticophytinahornwortsJungermanniopsidaliverwortsMarchantiopsidaSouthwest Asia