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Biodiversity of Mongolia: Checklist of diatoms, including new distributional reports of 31 taxa

Edlund, Mark B.; Soninkhishig, N.; Williams, Rebecca M.; Stoermer, E. F.

Nova Hedwigia Band 72 Heft 1-2 (2001), p. 59 - 90

99 references

published: Feb 1, 2001

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A checklist of 516 diatom taxa representing 74 genera that have been previously reported from Mongolia is presented. The checklist represents nearly 100 years of published and new research on Mongolia's diatom flora, the results of which have not been widely distributed to international audiences. Mongolia has a variety of aquatic habitats including rivers, springs, soil, and freshwater and saline lakes. Diatom distribution in Mongolia is strongly related to water chemistry and microhabitat. In addition to the checklist, 31 diatoms are reported as new distributions from Mongolia bringing the total richness to 547 taxa representing 82 genera. Seven nomenclatural transfers are proposed for diatoms that occur in Mongolia [Caloneis dorogostaiskyi (Østrup) comb. nov., Luticola binodis (Hust.) comb. nov., stat. nov., Planothidium baicalensis (Skvortsov & K. I. Meyer) comb. nov., Planothidium oestrupii (A. Cleve) comb. nov., stat. nov., Planothidium ellipticum (Grunow) comb. nov., stat. nov., Planothidium calcar (P. T. Cleve) comb. nov., Pseudostaurosira binodis (Ehrenb.) comb. nov.].


diatomsdistributionbiodiversityMongolianew recordstaxonomy