Original paper

A revision of Verticillium sect. Prostrata. III. Generic classification

Gams, Walter; Zare, Rasoul

Nova Hedwigia Band 72 Heft 3-4 (2001), p. 329 - 337

16 references

published: May 1, 2001

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Morphological observations and phylogenetic analyses of sequences of small and large ribosomal DNA subunits, the 5.8S and the ITS regions have shown that Verticillium section Prostrata is heterogeneous. Most of its species can be accommodated in the genera Lecanicillium n. gen., comprising the majority of entomogenous or fungicolous species, Pochonia comprising species that parasitize nematode cysts and eggs and often form dictyochlamydospores, and Haptocillium n. gen. comprising nematophagous species with adhesive conidia and sometimes dictyochlamydospores. The genus Rotiferophthora is confirmed as being distinct from Pochonia and Haptocillium. New combinations are introduced for the type species of the three genera. A key to these genera and some similar taxa is provided.


Verticillium sect. Prostratageneric classification